mobile veterinary the vet gal holding puppy.

Your pets are part of the family, and you want them to get the quality veterinary care they need when they need it. But car rides can make some pets extremely anxious or queasy, and it’s enough to deter even the most loving pet parents from keeping up with regular vet visits.

That’s where The Vet Gal and Guys mobile veterinarian in Southlake, Texas, comes in! We bring top-notch veterinary care to your doorstep for less stressful, more convenient appointments for your pets.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of mobile veterinary care and the services we offer.

Why Choose Mobile Veterinary Services in Texas?

Besides eliminating the stress of the car ride for pets prone to anxiety, choosing a mobile veterinarian in Southlake, Texas, offers the following advantages:

  • No waiting rooms with strange animals, sounds, or smells.
  • Greater convenience for multi-pet households.
  • Mobile veterinarians gain valuable insight from seeing pets in their everyday environments.
  • More accurate vitals like blood pressure and heart rate. 
  • Your mobile vet is laser focused on your pet and not distracted by ringing phones or other interruptions.
  • Pets in pain from arthritis or other conditions aren’t subjected to the discomfort of travel.
  • It’s ideal for pet parents with limited mobility or anyone for whom travel is difficult.
  • Your pet won’t get exposed to other pets that may be sick.

Mobile Wellness Care for the Win!

Many common diseases in dogs and common diseases in cats can be prevented altogether or treated more effectively thanks to regular wellness exams coupled with vaccines, parasite prevention, and age-appropriate diagnostics. With regular wellness visits, your pet can live a longer, healthier life because we can catch potential problems early on and provide treatment right away. Early detection and intervention can spare your pet unnecessary discomfort and prevent costly procedures down the road. 

House Calls Keep Senior Pets Comfortable

Senior pets need more frequent visits, but at this stage in a pet’s life, carriers and car rides can be very uncomfortable. And let’s face it, sometimes our older pets become a bit more temperamental with age, and they like to live life at their own pace. With mobile veterinary services, customized senior dog wellness and senior cat wellness examinations are performed in the comfort of your home and in your pet’s natural surroundings, where even the most cantankerous canine will be more at ease! 

More than Mobile

While we are known for being a mobile veterinarian in Southlake, Texas, we also perform routine soft tissue surgeries and dental procedures at our physical location. We provide transportation to and from our surgery center in our mobile veterinary van.

Please contact us at (817) 733-3011 if you have questions about our mobile veterinary services in Texas or to request a visit.