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The Vet Gal and Guys
Our staff with bunnies

About The Vet Gal and Guys

Dr. Ashley holding one of her dog patients

The Vet Gal and Guys started with a Johnson Elementary School field trip to the zoo. Dr. Ashley and a few other moms started talking. These busy parents asked Dr. Ashley to come to their homes to vaccinate and examine their pets. Emily Vissors, a grandmother on the trip, gave Dr. Ashley a brilliant idea: why not start a mobile veterinary practice?

A few months later, The Vet Gal was born. Dr. Ashley is grateful for the friends who inspired her to start a mobile practice. She and her veterinary team love serving the patients and clients that make up this community.

Dr. Ashley holding a puppy

About Dr. Ashley

Dr. Ashley has a background in large and small animal medicine. The relationships built during farm calls early on in her career were something she always valued about veterinary medicine. After a few months of planning and learning veterinary software, Dr. Ashley started The Vet Gal and Guys out of her SUV. Read Dr. Ashley’s full bio to learn more about her background and education.

Within a few years, the practice grew, and Dr. Ashley and her team purchased their first van. Getting to know the people in the community where she is raising her kids is a true blessing to Dr. Ashley. Her staff is composed of people who have been in the field for a while and wanted something new and different.

The whole team at The Vet Gal and Guys is grateful for the opportunity to connect with clients and patients in our community every single day.

Dr. Ashley with local Girl Scouts

Community Involvement

Dr. Ashley mentors students from the Carroll Medical Academy, along with some of her clients’ students. She’s passionate about helping budding veterinarians get a taste of what veterinary medicine is all about.

If she finds a chance to mentor young people, she’ll happily take it. Dr. Ashley’s husband, Mark, works as the hospital director and coaches two soccer teams for GSSA. Ashley, Mark, and their four children are active members of the White’s Chapel Methodist Church.

Dr. Ashley and her veterinary team look forward to meeting you and your furry family members. You can text us or call us during business hours to book an appointment.

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