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The Vet Gal and Guys
Our veterinary staff

Meet Our Team

Our Veterinarians

Ashley Bellard, Owner, Veterinarian

Dr. Ashley Bellard
Owner, Veterinarian

My calling for veterinary medicine began in my early childhood years while growing up on a farm in Louisiana. Animals and growing crops defined my family’s life and it was the special care that my father had for god’s creatures that inspired me to become a veterinarian. I graduated from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. Mark’s (the hubby) job took us to Keller TX that year and we knew DFW was the place where we wanted to raise a family. I began my work at a hospital that had a shelter inside of it. I was able to foster, treat and find homes for the dogs and cats that needed rescue in my spare time while practicing medicine. My love for surgery quickly grew as the need was strong with the shelter attached to the hospital. Mark and I later had 4 children and moved to Southlake because of the community spirit and excellent schools. During my first son’s kinder zoo field trip I meet a few dragon moms who inspired me to start my mobile practice. Word of mouth spread and my practice quickly grew. A large part of this was due to my clientele that opened their homes and hearts to the idea of concierge medicine. They truly make me feel supported and loved.  We now have over 2000 patients and we were just voted Southlake’s best veterinarian by Southlake Style readers choice. I feel very fortunate to have found a home for both my family and my practice in Southlake.

“Among the things in life I thank god for the most is the love he gave me for animals. My heart would be emptier and my heart would be less without them. “

Our Staff

Sabrina , LVT, Practice Manager

LVT, Practice Manager

How does one explain what they eat, sleep, breathe and live for? I couldn’t imagine my life doing anything else than what I am doing now. My love and passion for animals, not just to cuddle, hug and kiss them but to make their lives the best that I can runs real deep. You could say that from birth I knew this was my calling. As a young girl well into adulthood, I have had every kind of animal you could possibly imagine. I started out in vet med at the age of 17 as a kennel technician and since have held positions of technician, LVT and Practice Manager. I went to technician school and earned my LVT in 2011. I have an extreme love for science and you could say obsession with helping the furry things in life. I honestly love our practice, from Dr Ashley and her kind bedside manner with a natural ability to diagnose & treat all the 4 legged babies to our wonderful clients, loving patients and amazing team of girls we have. The team we have here goes above and beyond and they carry their hearts on the outside of their bodies. We are a crazy girl family here and I love it. Managing a mobile concierge veterinary practice has really changed my whole outlook on the gold standard of veterinary care we provide but with a more personal touch to our clients and especially our furry patients.

Jess A, Lead Veterinary Technician

Jess A
Lead Veterinary Technician

I have been in vet med for about 7 years now and working with animals for over 10 years. I love vet med because it combines my love of science and my love for furry animals. Vet med has been my calling since I could even pick what I wanted to be when I grew up. Mobile has taken vet med to a whole new level, because we can provide the gold star care in the comfort of their own homes. It’s helped me evolve as a technician to be more adaptive and to think outside the box to give our fur babies the care they need without stressing them or their owners.

Kat E, LVT

Kat E

My love for vet med stems from my mother. I admired her compassion from feeding tiny birds to feeding the stray cats in our neighborhood. I always had a passion for helping those who cannot help themselves. I began my journey in Upstate NY at the age of 18 as a tech assistant, to receptionist and finally to my greatest achievement of graduating as a licensed technician. I moved to Texas in 2005 and earned by LVT License. I have worked in the field for more than 20 years. My extreme love is for the kitty cats, they are my calling, and I am even called the clinic Cat Lady. I can tell you my happiest is working with Dr Bellard. I love the connection and personal attention we give our clients. Mobile life has made me fall in love with vet med all over again. The bond we have with clients is amazing. I love seeing our patients in a calm environment and to be able to take away some anxiety they may have from going into a veterinary clinic. The intimate relationships we have with not only our clients and patients, but also our staff as well. 

Ashley M, Client Services Coordinator

Ashley M
Client Services Coordinator

I have loved animals since I was little and have always been passionate about working with animals. I’ve worked in the veterinary field for 15 years now, 12 of those as a technician with a degree and certification in animal ultrasound imaging and now as a client service specialist. I love mobile veterinary medicine and the Vet Gal team. I have worked with many veterinarians over the years, and I have never seen a doctor care about every single patient, client and employee like Dr. Ashley does. I am blessed to work with such an amazing team of girls who support each other and to have management that cares for, supports and wants the best for their employees. 

Jessika R, Technician

Jessika R

I started in vet med 5 years ago as a kennel technician, and throughout the years, I was training to be a technician. That’s the thing I love about veterinary medicine, Learning. There is something to learn every day, whether it’s learning more information about to treat certain cases or learning how a patient communicates with us. I have always felt lead to work with animals, to help give them a voice and how to communicate in their own way. Another thing that I love about veterinary medicine is seeing the different personalities in each of our patients. Working in mobile only intensifies that because it allows us to be a guest in their home, so they get to bring us their favorite toy or feeling their safest in their own little beds.

Katelyn  S, Technician

Katelyn S

I started my journey in veterinary medicine in 2014! I have been passionate for helping animals since I was a kid and always dreamed of working in the veterinary field. I have spent the majority of my time working in the clinic setting, so coming into the mobile veterinary world was a game changer! As an owner of an anxious German Shepherd, I know how stressful a vet trip can be, so I love being able to visit our patients in the comfort of their own home and provide a more stress free approach to veterinary care. I am also passionate about providing quality care and treating our patients like family! 

Riley  W, Client Services Coordinator

Riley W
Client Services Coordinator


I am the teams Baby Bird! The little girl who once dreamt of being a veterinarian. While I haven't gone a day in my life without loving on one of life's creatures, scales included, veterinary medicine is a new adventure for me. It is a field that I have always admired and now am very excited to be a part of. My love for animals runs deep as does my desire to better understand them. Each day I learn more and I'm so proud of the important work we do!