Dr. Ashley with patient in their home.

Even when a pet feels fine, a visit to the veterinary hospital can really freak them out. Imagine, then, how scared a pet might feel when they’re sick or injured. In today’s world full of convenience and comfort, mobile veterinary services are in high demand. In addition to promoting a pet’s well-being, mobile vets make life easier for pet owners. 

No Traffic, No Problem

Many pet owners face significant challenges when it comes to making and keeping veterinary appointments. In addition to possible transportation issues, pets are known for resisting their travel kennel. With mobile veterinary services, a pet can safely and securely remain in the comfort of their own home. With no traffic jams to battle or fearful pets to calm down, pet owners experience much less stress. 

Exams and Diagnostics

With a less stressful environment, mobile vets can concentrate on thorough physical examinations. When pets are relaxed and trusting, we can acquire accurate data of their health. This leads to precise baseline values, normal vital signs, and a logical treatment plan based on these results. It is this highly customized approach to a pet’s health that makes the Vet Gal and Guys the best possible choice for special pets. 

Multiple Pets

Another great reason to hire a mobile vet service is because of the ability to see and treat multiple pets at a time. Considering the challenges related to more than one rambunctious pet, or multiple pets with serious or chronic health conditions, it just makes sense to keep everyone at home. We can see all of an owner’s pets in the same visit, prioritizing pet wellness and streamlining your schedule. 

A New Way to Provide Care

From preventive care to surgery, diagnostics to pain management, we are a veterinary hospital on wheels. We’re fully-stocked and always prepared to handle whatever is going on with the pets in our community. No travel, no waiting rooms, and only personalized attention, Vet Gal and Guys is revolutionizing the way pet owners seek veterinary help. 

In-Home Veterinary Care

The fact is that many pets don’t get the type of veterinary attention they deserve. Without regular support and intervention, pets can be at risk of many common diseases. With wellness exams, parasite prevention, vaccinations, and necessary diagnostics, pets can enjoy longer, healthier lives. Regular care can also save pet owners money in the long run by preventing health emergencies. 

Advantages of Mobile Pet Care

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